The 8 Key DECIDING Factors - Should you Renovate or Sell?

(Hint #5 you've likely never thought of before)

It's Spring > Renovation Time!

So you are excited about updating or renovating your space.  There are a few things you need to address first:

  • Why are you wanting to renovate: To upscale or sell?
  • Are you thinking of 'downsizing' or aging in place?
  • Do you have pets or older children to consider?
  • So many questions! Are you sure you want to and are ready to undertake the change and will what you do give you the ROI (Return On Investment) you think? 

Is Your Home Outdated?

Did you know a home begins to look outdated between 7 - 10 years? Which areas do you think are the most important for use or resell?

Should You Downsize?

As we age, this question comes up - Should we Downsize? We don't think old and want a designer looking not old age home. Now what?

8 Questions Answered

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