Get Your F.A.C.T.S. in Place!

Is your Interior Design Business running your Life?  Are you overwhelmed with too many details and things to do?  35+ Year Interior Design Veteran , Jan Addams, is HERE to help you get your Life & Career GOALS Focused, Authentic, Current and Tangible for Success in 2018! 


It's Already HUGE

The building and renovation industry is already huge! With more and more Baby Boomers downsizing it is only going to get bigger.

How Prepared are You?

Have you ever had a budget or time overrun due to misfiling or miscommunication?

As Interior Professionals and/or Builder, Contractors you need a system that everyone can easily follow to ensure your profitability.


Time to Ramp Up

Learn how to become easily organized to handle the hundreds of decisions you and your team deal with on a daily basis.

From Passion to Profit

  • Do you remember how excited you were when you got a new client & project
  • How your passion for designing functional beauty possessed your every thought?
  • Are you tired & thinking of changing careers because 'everyone thinks they are a designer'?

Its time to rekindle your passion use your education, experience & expertise and get your life back by learning how to streamline your Interior Design Business to become more organized & productive when assisting your clients with bringing their Dreams to life!

Contact to Completion The 8 Step Communication System (c) was created, tested and is used daily by 35+ Year Interior Design Veteran, Jan Addams (Designer, Author, Trainer)

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Simplified Interior Project Management

Custom Coloured Tabs

C2C Process Index

Watch this Short 4-MIN Video

Learn how this colour coded, easy to use, expandable, portable & available ONLINE 24/7 > Contact to Completion - The 8 Step Communication System (C) created by a Designer for the Design, Building / Renovation Industries, will help your Business become so Streamlined Professional you can Revive & Concentrate on your REAL Creative Passion - Bringing Interior Visions to Life!


Pricing Options

Limited Time Offers until March 31, 2018

C2C PLUS for Consultants


$389 + $35 @ month with Coupon

+ $35 per month (12 months) Save $150 till March 31, 2018.

Included 1 - 8 Step ONLINE Course with 24 Modules

Included 2 - C2C Plus Project Management Course Binder (mailed to you 4-6 weeks)

Included 3 - TABS & Inserts

24 Custom Coloured Process Tabs:

  • Contact to Completion TABS
  • 8 Design Dominoes TABS
  • 8 B/W Process Tabs

9 Business Card Holder Sheet

Bi-Annual Calendar

Included 4 - 24 Custom Fill-in Downloadable PDF Forms

Included 5 - Online Support Webinars 2x @ month

BONUS: Limited Time Discount  for 'FOUNDING MEMBERS' available till MAR. 31, 2018$150.00 off using the C2CMAR18 coupon code.




Use Coupon Code for $250 off

9-5 All Day ONSITE Training: (Total Value $2699.00) $250 off till March 31, 2018

Included 1 8 Step ONLINE Course with 24 Modules

Included 2 - C2C Plus 1 1/2" Project Management Course Binder (mailed to you 4-6 weeks.)

Included 3 - TABS

24 Custom Coloured Process Tabs:

  • 8 C2C TABS
  • 8 Design Dominoes TABS
  • 8 B/W Process TABS
  • 25 NCR Meeting Notes
  • 9 Business Card Holder
  • Bi-Annual Calendar

Included 4 32 Fill-in Custom Downloadable PDF Forms (Value $125.00)

Included 5 - Online Support Webinars 2x @ month

BONUS: 2 x (1 hr) Virtual Biz Coaching with Jan Addams veteran Designer ($500 Value). 

EXTRA BONUS:  4 SETS of Inserts!!! (Minus the Project Binder - for future clients)

ONSITE Training is April 11th, 2018 in Port Moody, BC. 

LIMITED TIME & SPACE OFFER - Min 4 to Max 8 Students for individual attention.

Price Available only until March 29, 2018 use Coupon Code C2CPMA18 to receive $250.00 off! This course with Bonuses will not be offered this low again!

NOTE: Pricing is in CANADIAN $ for this course ONLY!




2 pymts of $1100 - coupon Code

ALL the C2C PLUS items and 2 FULL Days Onsite Training:  (Total Value $4159.00)

Included 1 - 8 Step ONLINE Course with 24 Modules

Included 2 - C2C Plus 1 1/2" Project Management Course Binder (mailed to you 4-6 weeks.)

Included 3 - TABS

24 Custom Coloured Process Tabs:

  • 8 Contact to Completion TABS
  • 8 Design Dominoes TABS
  • 8 B/W Process TABS

25 NCR Meeting Notes

9 Business Card Holder Sheet

Bi-Annual Calendar

Included 4 - 32 Custom Fill-in Downloadable PDF Forms

Included 5 - Online Support Webinars 2x @ month

Included 6 - Two full days of Onsite B.O.S.S. (Business Operational Strategy System) training on how to implement and use the C2C PLUS System in your Interior Consulting Business. ($2500 Value)

BONUS: 2 x 1hr Virtual Business Coaching with veteran Designer Jan Addams ($500.00 Value).

EXTRA BONUS4 SETS of Inserts!!! (Minus Project Binder - for future clients)

ONSITE Training is May 9 & 10th 2018 in Metro Vancouver in beautiful BC! Class Location TBA by April 22nd.

LIMITED TIME & SPACE OFFER Min 4 to Max 16 Students that have completed the ONLINE C2CPLUS Course & have Received their C2C Project Binder in the mail.

Price Available only until March 31, 2018 use Coupon Code C2CPMA18 to receive $250.00 off!  This course with Bonuses will not be offered this low again!

NOTE: Pricing is in CANADIAN $ for this course!




4 Month Minimum

BUSINESS Behind DESIGN Virtual Coaching Pkg  is available ONLY to Interior Consultants that have purchased C2CPLUS - ONLINE or ONSITE Training.  

Included 1 - MONTH 1: 
Learn the 8 Steps to G.U.R.U. and Discover how your Personality, Body-shape & Colouring influences not only your Personal Style but also your Interior Design & Organizing Style and using this knowledge you will present your BEST Self & attract your BEST Client. (Self-help Journal with Style & Colour aids included.)

Included 2 - MONTH 2
Learn the 8 Steps to D.I.V.A. 
esign Integrity Value & Accuracy for your OFFICE by utilizing DESIGN DOMINOES - The Interior Process Game (c) around your Personal Style. (Office Space Concept Plans by Style included.)

Included 3 MONTH 3:
Learn the 8 Steps to C.A.S.H. and Create Authentic Style Habits to make your Business BRAND reflect your Education, Expertise and Experience AKA your 'Passion'. move from Productive to Profit! (Homework Exercises included.)

Included 4 -  MONTH 4
We move on to implement CONTACT To COMPLETION - The 8 Step Communication System (C) for your Business on your Computer, in your Office files and then Jan will create < 4 customized 'available' Process, Business Contract & Agreement PDF forms with your 'LOGO' to reflect your Services.

Included 5 -  Continued Monthly C2C System Support. After the 4 month BBD Coaching Contract, continue to enjoy access to the C2C MEMBERS 1 hour Webinar Support Calls (1st & 3rd Fridays)

4 Month COACHING PKG with 35+ year Interior Design Veteran, Jan Addams (Designer, Author, Trainer) = < 10 hrs @month includes the 3 hrs (2 90 min SKYPE/ONLINE sessions) plus reviewing your systems & creating customized forms along with email support and a private Webpage with 24/7 access to those forms. 

BONUS: CIIID Certification & Affiliate Membership with IMAGE To INTERIOR Inc. is available upon successful completion of the ONLINE C2CPLUS Training along with the 4 month coaching pkg

EXTRA BONUS: Limited Time $250.00 Discount available until April 15, 2018. with C2CPMA18 coupon code. 



ONSITE COURSE > 9-5 on April 11 & 12th. In Metro Vancouver, BC

After you have completed your C2C PLUS ONLINE Training Course, learn how to set up your Office Space by Style, utilize FACTION Filing – a Desktop filing system.

  1. Install & Create the 8 CONTACT To COMPLETION™ Categories of your Company on your computer starting with your CONTACTS.
  2. CONNECT – learn what and how to keep all your marketing Materials in one place for ease of access on your computer, in your vehicle.
  3. CONTRACTS – learn how to develop your own unique Company Agreements from Project Scope & Quotes to  Invoices, Purchase & Change orders to your monthly project time-sheets.
  4. CONCEPTS – create a project with DESIGN DOMINOES - The Interior Process Game © from one of your past clients to ensure you know how to use and utilize this amazing process.
  5. PRODUCTS – Uncover your Company’s Product Profit Centers and learn tricks on how to utilize them to create ‘residual income’.
  6. SERVICES – Learn how to create a ‘Menu of Services’ for your company that showcase its Features & Benefits not the ‘costs’.
  7. SCHEDULE – Create a Lifestyle Annual Calendar and learn the Secrets to Simplified Time Management & use a PROJECT GANTT tool to handle multiple Interior Projects, with Weekly Summary Task Sheets
  8. COMPLETION – the Process to end the Project from Project Summary & Inventory to Completion Agreement to thank you cards, referrals & testimonials.

EXTRA BONUS: 2 x 1 hour 'One on One' Virtual Business Coaching Call with Design Veteran Jan Addams ($500.00 Value)


Get Passionate, Productive and Profitable in your Interior Consulting Business in 2018! Class sizes are LIMITED to ensure ONE on ONE Training.


Jan Addams (Designer, Author, Trainer) is looking for KEY Interior Professionals to receive SPECIAL PRICING, INFO and TRAINING for CONTACT To COMPLETION! Offer Open until March 31st, 2018. *USE COUPON CODE C2CPMA18 to Receive the SPECIAL DISCOUNT.









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