Q. WHAT is CONTACT TO COMPLETION™ - The 8 Step Communication System©?
A. It is a simplified Interior Design Project Management system that is portable, expandable, and is available both online and in binder form. 

Q. WHO was it created for?
A. This system was created by Jan Addams (Designer, Author, Trainer) a Veteran Interior Designer and President of IMAGE To INTERIOR Inc. It was created for the Interior Decoration, Design, Renovation and Building industries to simplify the communication, retrieval and project management process. The C2C Project Binder helps ensure that Consultants, Clients and Construction stay in the know, on time & budget.

Q. WHY was it created?
A. Following are 8 Project Management & Communication problems that frequently arise and how CONTACT TO COMPLETION - The 8 Step Communication System© solves them:


1. PROBLEM: Are you always looking for the Client, Consultant or General Contractor's contact & project information?
SOLVED: We created a custom form that you as a consumer, consultant or construction manager simply download, print & fill out. Once done simply place in your C2C Binder under the tab - CONTACT. 

2. PROBLEM:  Communicating via email or onsite meetings can you find those important notes quickly (Time IS Money)?
 > SOLVED: Use the Meeting Notes & Recap form to record the date, time, tasks to do and who was in attendance. This keeps everyone on the same page. Place info colour specific tab CONNECT.

3. PROBLEM: You have multiple quotes, invoices & warrantees where do you keep them?
> SOLVED: The CONTRACTS tab with the numbered tabs (5-9) both in the C2C Binder and on your computer keeps everything in place.

4. PROBLEM: Have so many photos, designs and ideas but can't find the napkin you drew them on?
> SOLVED:  Use our CONCEPT Sketches pad that is Date, Concept Creator & location specific.

5. PROBLEM: Products are needed to bring the 'Vision to Life' how do you keep them all in one place?
> SOLVED: Our PRODUCT selections 'form' records the researched and chosen interior products & the convenient duo folder tabs provide a place to store & find them when needed.

6. PROBLEM: Do you know the name of the Plumber, Electrician or Window covering Company & Installer?  
> SOLVED: Simply download & fill in the custom coloured Services by Category form and place under the SERVICES tab for easy reference.

7. PROBLEM: 'How' & 'Whom' do you hire at the right time to prevent damage, time & cost overruns?
> SOLVED: Our simplified Project SCHEDULE allows you to see at a glance which trade person or product needs to be ordered & when

 8. PROBLEM: How do we know when the interior project is complete?
> SOLVED: Under the COMPLETION Tab place the Project Summary & Room by Room Inventory list.