Resort Style Living

All of us can hardly wait for our holidays to come.  

I say why not create a resort lifestyle to live in year round?  This has nothing to do with 'cost' but rather attitude, quality and style.  Learn the secrets to creating your calm, colourful and inspiring 'Resort Style Life' HERE!

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Changing our Perspective is Healthy

We are educated, smart, tech savvy, active, healthy and think we are young... We are Baby Boomers! Why should we change our perspective?

Dear Fellow Baby Boomer

As we age we need to see a bird's eye view of our current life situation.  This includes many things like our home, health and finances. While we are still healthy enough, can afford to travel and 'right size' our living space we need to plan for our future.  This is not about 'downsizing our lifestyle' this is about 'Aging in Place - Resort Style'!

  1. Are you a Baby Boomer, retired or approaching retirement?
  2. Have you been looking at downsizing your home but don’t want to downsize your lifestyle?
  3. Have you, or your partner had parents that needed to be placed in a care facility and they fought it tooth and nail because they didn’t want to leave their home?
  4. Has this caused you concern about your own life & health & home?

Me too! My husband, I and his sisters looked after his mom who lost her partner at 90 and was diagnosed with Dementia. She was still living and functioning in her home but was becoming more and more forgetful. She refused to leave her home and said “I’ll take poison if you make me leave!” As we lived an hour away, we prepared weekly meals and visited her up to 3 times a week did all her laundry, yard and housework. We had home helpers come 2 x a day to ensure she ate. We installed security cameras that all the family could access to make sure she was okay. This worked for 3 years until she fell down and really hurt herself. She never went home from the hospital; she was moved to a wonderful care facility.

Those were a tough few years that really made us assess our life. We decided to be proactive and put our old, beloved ‘character home’ on the ocean up for sale as neither of us could continue the maintenance it required.

We made a list of our wants, needs and desires and made conscious compromises and choices. We moved to the city to a ‘right-sized’ newer ‘character’ home with lower maintenance, higher perceived and real value. As a 35+ year Interior Design Veteran and published Style Strategy Author I used my knowledge and experience to create a ‘resort like’ feel to our space that up-scaled our lifestyle to one that feels like we are on a ‘holiday at home’ every day! If you want to see how my husband and I did this so you can do this too (regardless of your location or budget), sign up for my 8 Module Online Course: Aging in Place - Resort Style - Exclusive offer below!


How to Create a Resort Style Life

Begin with a Dream

What is your fantasy vacation, location, home, hobby, books, music and/or art?

Do you feel rejuvenated like I do watching a sunset on the ocean? Maybe the coolness of the mountains appeal to you. Or, maybe you prefer the dry heat of the desert.  Whatever it is bring it into your space to feel like you are having and living your vacation 365 days - at home!

Let yourself embrace that feeling and create an interior space (even if it is only one room in your home) that is theme designed with your 'holiday' image.

Careful, as this may spread to the rest of your life! 

Each Project begins with ART

This item will be the 'focal point' of the room. It has colour, theme, style and everyone must like it as all other items chosen will revolve around it.

A Painting or Photo?

Does the image evoke a feeling or give you a style direction and colour palette you like?

Granite or Tile?

Is it your counter or backsplash in your kitchen, bathroom or on a fireplace hearth?

An Area Rug?

Is it a beautiful area rug, mosaic tile or fabric that either grounds the room or enlivens it?

Resort Style Kitchen > Before & After

Below is my personal kitchen renovation. I kept the floors, walls and windows. I changed appliance locations, lighting, island and cabinets to create a Classic European look that brought it to up to the standards of the rest of our Mediterranean Style Home.

Continue your 'Resort Style' Outside!

Great House but...

A beautiful, unique and smaller home just needed a better serviced gathering place for friends & family to enjoy - an outdoor bar!

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Jan looking over her design plans for the outdoor kitchen.  Challenges included a 3" canter to the front & unlevel floor bricks. 

Resort Style Bar

Completion of the outdoor entertainment bar and grill area now has many guests over for good food and conversation.

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